Partnering to build a world where all people have safe drinking water.


Are you passionate about global health? Do you wish to see the number of death of children under 5years reduce? Do you wish to have a healthy family? Do you know any NGOs who can support this cause? Help reach out to the disadvantaged rural communities accessing unsafe water. Partner with RUWAFIKI. Contact us on any of our networks and let us work towards this goal.


We facilitate safe and clean water

RUWAFIKI which stands for Rural Water Filtration Kit, is a social enterprise product, designed to provide solutions to the global challenge of accessibility to clean water and contribute to the achievement of the UN SDG6 of Clean Water and Sanitation. The RUWAFIKI solution is a Water Filtration Kit made of locally sourced, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, designed to help in the filtration of contaminated water gotten from unsafe sources in some underdeveloped communities across the world, piloting from Makondo Parish community, Uganda in Africa. The RUWAFIKI initiative was developed in 2019 by five (5) masters students of water engineering and water policy, from four different African countries and has received global recognition and commendations.

RUWAFIKI is a social enterprise established in 2019, determined to provide innovative solutions to water quality problems in Uganda and across Africa. We are focused on ensuring availability of safe water and hygiene for everyone. This includes delivering water filtration kits and hygiene advocacy campaigns to communities.

— Our Mission

RUWAFIKI seeks to improve health through provision of portable, innovative and environmentally friendly water treatment kits for domestic water treatment in rural communities. We work with local stakeholders and partners to realize the success of the project. (To maximize our impact).

— Our Vision

To Impove Global Health Through Safe Drinking Water


Partner with us to build a world where all people have safe drinking water .

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